Blogging For Money – Keep Them Wanting More

Blogging For Money – Keep Them Wanting More

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A few weeks ago, you might have heard or seen me fleeing the country because of the floods here in Brisbane. I had to go over to New Zealand because the Brisbane River came down with a fury that we haven’t seen for about a century or so. So I got a little bit scared because we live close to the river here in CBD of Brisbane City and I decided to bail and go to New Zealand where my family was visiting.

While I was there though, I came to quite a few interesting conclusions. When I was at the airport, I saw the magazine stand. And it was just fascinating looking at the topics of magazines that were there, the mainstream type of topics. Also while I was traveling, I got a copy of this book, The Longer Long Tail by Chris Anderson. It’s a revised version. The first version was The Long Tail. So this is the revised version of the original one. Amazing, amazing book if you’re operating online. And by looking at those magazine stands at the airport and combining it with some of the ideas that I learned about inside this book, I got some very key “aha” moments specifically related to how to find the best possible niche or topic to blog about or video blog about for your video blog or blog. What I want to do next is go to my computer and show you on the screen how all these works and how all these ideas are coming together to help you get the best possible niche or best possible topic for you to blog about.

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So I’ll head over there now. And I’ll talk to you when I’m on the screen. You’re probably wondering, what on earth is a Long Tail? Now Chris Anderson talks about it in this sort of context. If you can imagine a graph looking something like this where you’ve got a horizontal axis and a vertical axis. And you can draw a distribution or a graph looking something like this. This represents the distribution of anything like products or topics. For example the magazines that you saw in the magazine store that I saw at the airport. It would have a distribution something like this. And you’d have something like this, where you’d have on this side of this line. Chris doesn’t actually label this, but this is your mainstream kind of topics. And over here is what you call the Long Tail, for obvious reasons. The Long Tail — okay, because it has this massive long tail. Basically, what he’s saying is that these mainstream type of topics, this is what physical stores are able to store on their shelves that they simply just don’t have the space to store all different topics. Say for example, the magazine industry.


They can’t store all the different magazines. They can only store certain type. And that’s why they pick the mainstream because they’ll be the most profitable. Because we have the internet now, this thing called the Long Tail, where there’s essentially no limit to the number of different kind of topics that you could have in any kind of field; for example, the magazine one. You can have an infinite number of topics and niches for magazines when it’s online. So what Chris figured out, or what he’d identified at least, was that the traffic, or the business or the volume that you can get in this Long Tail can sometimes be equivalent or close to equivalent to what you might get here in the mainstream. This is very, very significant because if you’re a blogger or a video blogger, depending on which niche you’re going to be targeting or which topic, the strategies that you are going to be following to dominate that niche or topic will be very, very different depending on whether they’re on the mainstream or on the Long Tail. So let’s look at that in a little bit more detail.

Long Tail Keyword Generator

Say for example, your main topic that you’re targeting is in the mainstream and it happens to be one of the main mega niches, say for example, like the Health. Let’s say you’ve targeted the Health niche. Mega niches are things like money, health, relationships. Those three, and a bunch of others. The kind of topics you would see on the magazine stand. Those are the sort of mega niches. What you can do is you can actually zoom in on this. The Health niche will have its own distribution. If you zoom in on just the Health niche now, you would see a similar distribution for just the Health niche. It will have its own little Long Tail over there. The strategy that I think you need to follow, for this kind of thing, if you want to be ranking for posts in search engines and if you really want to be dominating, is to target keyword phrases in the Long Tail.

what makes a good marketing video

So this is your area of focus. Let’s just get this so that you know this is what I’m talking about. So this is zoomed into the Health niche. If you’re doing something like that, if it’s a mega niche, if it’s one of the mainstream topics that you’ve targeted, you’ll have a much easier time to try and rank for these Long Tail type of phrases. The reason is because the phrases in the Short Tail of the mainstream for this mainstream topic, is going to be extremely competitive.

It will be very hard to rank for those. So to be able to get noticed on the internet, your strategy would be to focus on these ones here. So that’s for mainstream topics. Now what if you selected a topic in the Long Tail? Say for example, something like Dog Breeding or something like that. Once again, if you zoom in on this niche topic or this Long Tail topic, you’ll see that it also has its own different Long Tail distribution. Of course, the traffic that you will get from this one compared to this one over here will be much smaller. But this is why your strategy needs to be different.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

So you will also have a Long Tail here but then also your more popular terms for this topic. Now what I think for this Long Tail kind of topics, your focus needs to be over on this side. The reason for that is because the traffic you’ll be getting over here, from this Long Tail, the Long Tail traffic on this already existing Long Tail is going to be very small. It may not be even worth trying to get the traffic from these different sources here. So you’ve got to be better off trying to focus more on this more Short Tail kind of terms for this kind of niche. Let’s just draw a little picture here. I mean a little arrow to make sure you understand. So this, for example Dog Breeding. The Dog Breeding niche which may not be one of the mega topics and this one over here might be the Health niche. I hope you can see the difference in approach here to help you get success depending on which topic you’re selecting to either blog or video blog about.

So let’s just go over that again. This is where you have your focus for these more obscure ones. For the mainstream type of topics, if you have one of the mainstreams or mega niches, either you can target the Long Tail keyword phrases in that niche or in that topic. You are going to rank easier for them and over time you will be able to build up a similar kind of traffic as you might get for those the Short Tail traffic. If your topic is not a mainstream type of topic, in other words, if it’s not the topic that you can see on the magazine stands of a local bookstore, then your strategy will be different. Then you target these more popular keywords because it will be easier for you to rank for those keyword phrases. This is what I think. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Long tail Keyword Research Tool

I haven’t really fully tested this. This is just a brainwave that I got and I would love to hear your thoughts on it and tell me what you think. Let me give you a new example here just to make this crystal clear. For the Health industry, someone might have a very niche blog, say for example, How to Get Rid of Pimples with Organic Methods. That’s kind of very focus. It’s really targeting this smaller Long Tail type of keywords with less topics. And the Dog Breeding, the difference here would be targeting keywords like Dog Breeding, for example.

I hope you can see that. This is more of a Short Tail kind of keywords and you might focus on something like Get Rid of Pimples with Organic Methods. So it’s a much more long tail type of keyword that will be getting this kind of traffic here. I hope it makes sense to you. Leave me a question if anything doesn’t make sense. I’m still developing this idea. But I would like to hear from you what you think about this. And I might do a few more videos on this a little bit later on. Let me know what you think. So what did you think of that? I hope that was interesting to you. I hope that was helpful to you and useful that you can use it for your own business immediately right now. That’s what I like to do with these videos.

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I wanted to create information for you that is immediately useful in your business. If you have a niche already or a topic, think about in terms of those mainstream topics and these Long Tail topics. How does that affect you right now if you’re new in this business? What can you do to make sure you pick the best one and follow the best possible strategy? Tell me what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comment below this video. I would love to hear from you. Also if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet or for my free report, my Rapid Video Blogging report. It’s 92 pages of solid content that teaches you how I use online videos to make a full-time income. Just go to to get your own copy if you don’t have one yet.

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